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Firestorm Release! v5.1.7.55786

Firestorm Update version in the wild!

We don’t issue updates frequently for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that most of you dislike updating. We also want to make sure our updates are worth your time to download and install. THIS is one of those updates

We’ve put a lot of work into this release and sincerely hope you will update to get the latest features, improvements, stability and bug fixes!

For a complete and comprehensive review of this update, please hop on over to Inara Pey’s Blog to read her thoughts on the update. 
Click for Inara’s Blog post

For a highlight reel, though, see below for just the tiniest fraction of what’s in this version that we think you might appreciate.

Full Release notes can be found here: Release notes.


  • Merged up to the current LL 5.1.6 codebase, including Project Alex Ivy, voice updates & fixes, media updates & rendering updates.
  • RLV updated to RLVa 2.2 by Kitty Barnett. Release notes:
  • New user-contributed Windlights from Jean Severine, Penny Patton and Lassie Resident.
  • Added font choice and font size options for the script editor by Ansariel Hiller.
  • New code to improve region crossings contributed by Animats Resident.
  • New “Wearable Favorites” feature by Ansariel Hiller.
    The Wearable Favorites window allows you to list frequently used items, HUDs as an example, in an easily accessible location so that you can quickly attach and detach them as needed. Documentation here
  • Added the ability to do time-based, temporary parcel bans by Liny Odell.
    This new feature adds the ability to ban Residents from a parcel for a specific amount of time.
    Minimum ban time is 1 hour; maximum ban time is 8766 hours (approximately 1 year).
    Select the number of hours when the Ban Duration window opens and press OK. Otherwise, leave it at 0 to permaban.


As part of our 3-version rule, we will be blocking version from accessing Second Life grid as of August 14th (3 weeks). It will continue to function for Opensim.



The Firestorm Team

Firestorm CEO Jessica Lyon is in jail!

UPDATE!! Jessica has been freed from jail and all fake charges dropped! The community raised over L$133,000 for Relay For Life to the American Cancer Society! Thank you all SO MUCH! Great fun! Great cause!


The development of the Firestorm Viewer is at grave risk of being shut down! Fairelands Sheriff’s Association has apprehended Jessica Lyon on botched up charges. She is completely innocent of course but if she can’t get out of jail Firestorm is in deep trouble! #fakenews

There is good news though! Jessica will be eligible for bail on Saturday April 21st between 5-7 pm SLT at The Fantasy Faire event, but she needs help raising the bail money! She is counting on the Second Life Community to help out a great cause!

Join Jessica and the Firestorm team in raising bail money for charity! Proceeds go to Relay For Life!

Learn more about the event here.

Listen to the Audio Promo here! Very funny!

Direct SLURL

P.S. She isn’t “Really” in jail…. It’s just a fun charity event!

Firestorm Update!


The year 2017 was a bit of a tough year for Firestorm development, but we hope to be back on track with quarterly releases again for 2018, starting now!


All SL users are going to need to update within the next month or so. Linden Lab will be disabling some old inventory code soon, which will break legacy inventory fetching for all previous Firestorm versions and any viewer not supporting the new and much-improved HTTP asset fetch functionality.

Also be aware, we have made some improvements to the “Level of Detail” (LOD) setting in this version. For more information on this change please read the blog post below this one. You’re also encouraged to have a more thorough read of Beq’s blog post here and/or Tonya’s post here to give you an idea as to why we’ve done it.

EDITED TO INCLUDE: The other major set of changes you’ll no doubt notice are to your inventory count. If you see it increase by a substantial amount, it’s because the count now includes folders. Previously, the displayed number of inventory items omitted the folders, which gave you an inaccurate number. You’ll also find that when you click on a folder, it will display a pair of numbers that looks, for example, like this: (380/184 Elements). The first number (380 in this example) is how many non-subfolder items are in that folder; the second (184 in this example) is the number of folders.

No Longer Code-Signed

We have stopped code-signing our windows binary due to costs and lack of benefits. Expect that your antivirus or firewall may warn you that the software is not trusted. If you downloaded it from THIS website, IT IS SAFE.

What’s in this release?

It’s been nearly six months since our last update… so… LOTS! Below is a short list of highlights, but for a much more detailed summary check out Inara Pey’s Blog post here!


* Updated to LL codebase 5.0.9, which includes, among other things:

– The Asset-Http Project
This feature moves fetching of several types of assets to HTTP.

– Fixes for avatar physics bugging out at very low or very high FPS
A long awaited fix to have you wiggling and jiggling at your very best.

* Firestorm 5.0.11 64 bit Windows & Mac versions now have Havok support thanks to Linden Lab!

* Added the ability to view an object’s physics shape in edit mode
See for more details.

* Added the ability to show specific mesh LODs in edit and new mesh information added to the Object tab
See for more details.

* Added an option to “reset” broken meshes worn on avatars due to stuck LOD

* Added ability to view inventory count from inventory floater. (Some by LL, some changes by FS)

* Added new resource usage information to the inspect floater
Added a Total Stats summary and additional columns for faces, vertices, triangles, texture memory (TMem) and VRAM to the inspect floater

* Added an option to show/hide invitations to already joined groups.

* New command line options: /zoffset_up: Offset your avatar upward by 0.05.
/zoffset_down: Offset your avatar downward by 0.05.

* New Celestia medium redux font added specially for all the Bronies.

* Added an “avatar is in the same parcel” indicator to the radar

* OpenSim – Added support for Gloebit currency
For more information about Gloebit, see

Three-version rule

We will be applying a block to version 4.7.9. in two weeks’ time, February 7th.