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Firestorm Team Recruitment!

UPDATE: Overwhelmed!

Thank you all for the interest and SO MANY applications! We’re going to begin processing these and will be in touch with applicants we feel may be best suited for the team based on your experience and background. If you do not hear from us please know that we’re holding onto your application and may contact you at a later time. Thanks so much folks!


If you believe, foremost, in acting unselfishly for others’ welfare and benefit, then the Firestorm Community Gateway wants you! Altruism is the core of what drives us, and we strive to recruit individuals who share the same values. If you are altruistic and can devote a minimum of two hours per week helping new residents discover Second Life, we want you on the team!

Firestorm Community Gateway seeks you!

Since becoming part of the testing phase of the SL Community Gateway Program, we’ve been averaging between 200 and 300 new residents per day through our regions, and over the past year we’ve greeted over 14,000 new members and been a part of their first experiences of Second Life as helpers, teachers, cheerleaders and friends.

We would not have passed up this experience for anything. Our approach is to provide as many rich experiences as we can to help residents find what excites them in SL and then direct them toward other places where they can find it.

What New Residents Can Find Here

Along the way, we’ve gained some other partners who’ve contributed greatly to the Gateway: MadPea Games provided our successful Ghost Town Hunt, a special feature loved by both new and older residents; the Crowley Corp Golf five-hole golf course helps new residents develop hand and eye skills; and our scifi-based roleplay area, with a continuing schedule of events, is dedicated to showing new residents the diversity that can be found in Second Life.

Our seven Gateway regions, including our orientation island, provide different activities to show new members the types of activities they can find in SL. These include

  • an airport with flyable aircraft and sky diving;
  • a mystical enchanted forest;
  • a marina with drivable boats and jet skis;
  • a post-apocalyptic city and the MadPea ghost hunt;
  • a sandbox to open boxes and learn building;
  • a classroom;
  • an amphitheater/dance area for events;
  • an underwater world to explore;
  • a scifi area with space station and starship;
  • and a social area with the Free Stuff Store.

Where You Fit In

Our most valuable tool at our Gateway is the dedicated team of helpers who volunteer their time daily to assist new members. From a new resident’s first step onto the bridge spanning the spawn area and the Social Club, they will find our helpers ready to offer knowledge, support and enthusiasm for Second Life.

Now that the test phase is over, we are looking for more knowledgeable, helpful, friendly people to spend time helping new residents and making their first days of virtual life pleasant and not too complicated or confusing. You can use voice or text as you teach new residents skills, from the basics of changing clothes to finding their way around, and provide information, support and guidance in a safe and friendly environment. You’re not required to have technical knowledge of the Firestorm or Linden Lab viewers, but basic functionality is necessary.

If you love to help people, are enthusiastic about all that Second Life can offer and would like to join the team, please send a note detailing any experience you’ve had working with new residents. The one question we ask you start with on this virtual resume is, Why do you want to be a helper?

Send your notecard with an attached calling card or your avatar name to Amalia Broome

Happy 7th Birthday Firestorm!


When: Saturday Sept 9th @ 1pm SLT. SLURLS AT bottom of post.

Last weekend was the projects 7th anniversary and we’re hosting a big party Firestorm style to celebrate it! Improving the user experience since 2010! Hard to believe it’s been 7 years and we couldn’t have done it without all the support we’ve had from the residents of Second Life and OpenSim!

We’ve got some great entertainment lined up for our ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ themed major event space situated on 4 region corners in the Firestorm Community Gateway. But first….


As with nearly every major event we hold we try to arrange a gift for all Second Life residents and this year will be no exception!

ABC – AWESOME BREED CREATIONS have very generously created an exclusive collectible pet mule with an amazing one of a kind coat and eye! I like to think the Mule represents our strength and perhaps our stubbornness! WOW it’s gorgeous! Thank you so much ABC!

The gift will only be available at the party location and please be sure to check out their website to learn more about their products!




Kicking things off at 1PM SLT will be SingerGirl Mode who has blessed us with her talent before. Be sure to check out her website and song list!



From 2pm-3pm DJ Rocket (Adam Dixon) will be mixing and spinning the tunes for us! Check out his website here



We hope to see you at the party!

Firestorm Release

It’s been a whopping six months since our last release, so this one is well overdue. We’ve had oodles of QA testing time with this build, and a special thanks goes out to our dedicated Beta testers and our contributing Preview group members.

This version brings us up to parity with LL 5.0.5 codebase, and although this release doesn’t have a lot of new shiny features, it sure is loaded with bug fixes, so we’re still considering this a significant update. With this release we will stick to our three-version rule, and in two weeks’ time we will apply a block to our three-versions-old 4.7.7 for Second Life logins. It will continue to work for OpenSim. Versions 4.7.9 and 5.0.1 will continue to be usable for now.

It is worth noting that a great deal of this release comprises bug fixes, features and improvements from Linden Lab. They’ve been VERY busy and VERY productive, so folks shouldn’t be saying LL isn’t actively developing, because they sure are, and they deserve lots of credit for their efforts.


A short list of highlights is below, and there’s a full change log and a comprehensive review by Inara Pey:

  • New region and parcel access controls (Linden Lab);
  • Added ability to set custom folders for uploading items (Linden Lab);
  • Fixed broken scaling & bounding boxes when uploading mesh in multiple parts (Linden Lab);
  • Added group ability to “Ignore Landing Point” (Linden Lab);
  • Added “Duplicate” feature into Build-Object submenu (Linden Lab);
  • Added “Copy outfit list to clipboard” for Current Outfit folder (Linden Lab;
  • Improved layout of the Snapshot floater (Firestorm);
  • List the attachment spots in “Attach to” lists in alphabetical order (Firestorm);
  • Added toolbar button for “Show friends only” (Firestorm);
  • Many more including countless bug fixes, performance improvements, crash fixes etc.


As always, we recommend doing a clean install, but it is not necessary. For a text tutorial on how to do a clean install, CLICK HERE, and for a video tutorial, CLICK HERE.